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Soil Hub and the Center for Land Use and Sustainability (CLUS) at Shippensburg University are collaborating to bring in-person soil science training to practicing professionals in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and beyond!

We're Focused on Soil-centric Training...

To Close the Information Gap

Whether you're an engineer, a wetland scientist, or work in any of the myriad disciplines surrounding land development and environmental permitting, chances are soils play a big role in what you do. Gaining a more informed understanding of the science of soils and how it applies to your job responsibilities can provide the skill set and confidence needed to deliver exceptional products. Whether you have a little or a lot of experience with soils, our classes can help build on that foundation.

What We Offer

Experienced Instructors

Our team has over 70 years combined experience working as consultants, regulators, and instructors teaching University-level classes. We know the skills and we know how to convey the information.

Hands-on In-field Training

Teaming with the CLUS, we have access to world-class teaching facilities and nearby field sites, which lets us focus our efforts on providing you the best learning experience possible. We don't just talk about soils... we let you touch and experience them! 

Convenient Location

Our partnership with the CLUS allows us to offer in-person training that is conveniently located for professionals in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. Can't join us in person, we also offer on-line course material.

Classes Offered in 2016 and 2017

  • Fundamental Soil Science
  • Intermediate Soil Science
  • Advanced Soil Science
  • Navigating the Web Soil Survey 
  • Soil Science for Archaeologists 
  • Water Movement Through Soils
  • Soil Science for Stormwater Infiltration 
  • Redox Features and Processes 
  • Hydric Soil Indicators 

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