A16. Coast Prairie Redox

For use in MLRA 150A of LRR T; for testing in LRR S (except for MLRA 149B).

A layer starting at a depth ≤15 cm (6 inches) from the soil surface that is at least 10 cm (4 inches) thick and has a matrix chroma of 3 or less with 2 percent or more distinct or prominent redox concentrations occurring as soft masses and/or pore linings.

User Notes: These hydric soils occur mainly on depressional landforms and portions of the intermound landforms on the Lissie Formation. Redox concentrations occur mainly as iron-dominated pore linings. Common or many redox concentrations are required. Matrix colors with chroma 3 are allowed because they may be the color of stripped sand grains or because few or common sand-sized reddish chert particles occur and may prevent obtaining chroma of 2 or less.