Loamy and Clayey Soils

“Loamy and Clayey Soils” have USDA textures of loamy very fine sand and finer. All mineral layers above any of the layers meeting the requirements of any F-indicator(s), except for indicators F8, F12, F19, F20, and F21, have a dominant chroma of 2 or less, or the thickness of the layer(s) with a dominant chroma of more than 2 is less than 15 cm (6 inches). Also, except for indicator F16, nodules and concretions are not considered to be redox concentrations. Use the following F-indicators for loamy or clayey mineral soil materials.

F1-Loamy Mucky Mineral

F2-Loamy Gleyed Matrix

F3-Depleted Matrix

F6-Redox Dark Surface

F7-Depleted Dark Surface

F8-Redox Depressions


F11-Depleted Ochric

F12-Iron-Manganese Masses

F13-Umbric Surface

F16-High Plains Depressions

F17-Delta Ochric

F18-Reduced Vertic

F19-Piedmont Flood Plain Soils

F20-Anomalous Bright Loamy Soils

F21-Red Parent Material

F22-Very Shallow Dark Surface