All Soils

“All soils” refers to soils with any USDA soil texture. All mineral layers above any of the layers meeting the requirements of any A indicator(s), except for indicator A16, have a dominant chroma of 2 or less, or the thickness of the layer(s) with a dominant chroma of more than 2 is less than 15 cm (6 inches). In addition, nodules and concretions are not considered to be redox concentrations for the application of the indicators. Use the following A-indicators in all soil layers, regardless of texture.


A2-Histic Epipedon

A3-Black Histic

A4-Hydrogen Sulfide

A5-Stratified Layers

A6-Organic Bodies

A7-Mucky Mineral

A8-Muck Presence

A9-1 cm Muck

A10-2 cm Muck

A11-Depleted Below Dark Surface

A12-Thick Dark Surface

A13-Alaska Gleyed

A14-Alaska Redox

A15-Alaska Gleyed Pores

A16-Coast Prairie Redox