F19. Piedmont Flood Plain Soils

For use in MLRAs 148 and 149A of LRR S; for testing on flood plains subject to Piedmont deposition throughout LRRs P, S, and T.

On flood plains, a mineral layer at least 15 cm (6 inches) thick, starting at a depth ≤25 cm (10 inches) from the soil surface, with a matrix (60 percent or more of the volume) chroma of less than 4 and 20 percent or more distinct or prominent redox concentrations occurring as soft masses or pore linings.

User Notes: This indicator is for use or testing on flood plains in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern Piedmont Provinces and areas where sediments derived from the Piedmont have been deposited on flood plains on the Coastal Plain. This indicator does not apply to stream terraces, which are associated with a previous stream level and are representative of an abandoned flood plain. While these soils are found on flood plains, flooding may be rare and groundwater is often the source of hydrology.