TS7. Barrier Islands Low Chroma Matrix

For testing in MLRA 153B and 153D of LRR T.

In the swale portion of swale-and-dune complexes of barrier islands, a surface layer 1 cm (0.5 inches) or more thick with value 4 or less and chroma 2 or less. Below the dark surface, one or more layers 10 cm (4 inches) or more thick occurs with a dominant hue of 2.5Y or yellower and value 4 or more and chroma less than 2 starting at a depth ≤15 cm (6 inches) from the soil surface.

User notes: The requirement of a dark surface layer above the low chroma layer excludes sediments from recent depositional events (especially common in overwash areas) which are not hydric. Low chroma colors in recent deposits are likely due to the nature of the parent material and not related to hydrology. There is no color requirement for any layer(s) between the dark surface and the low chroma matrix. This indicator is limited to sandy soils in the dune-and-swale complex of barrier islands.