Stormwater Infiltration Boot Camp Online


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In this class we take a close look at key areas to successful stormwater infiltration siting, testing, design, and construction. When working with a system that relies heavily on soil to provide an ecosystem service, we must have a firm understanding of the science behind the processes. Successful stormwater management depends on using the right soil, using an appropriate design infiltration rate, and fulfilling the assumptions behind the design by taking the right steps during construction.
In the online classroom material, we’ll begin by studying how the use of infiltration to help renovate stormwater is predicated on understanding the physics behind how water behaves at the soil-water interface as well as within the soil matrix. A firm understanding of these relationships will assist in proper site selection and design parameters.
Then we’ll look at the limitations that exist in some soils that inhibit the proper renovation of stormwater. Additionally, with a firm understanding of soil properties that govern renovation success, we go over infiltration testing techniques and best practices. By identifying soil limitations and learning to test the correct soil horizons using sound protocols, more accurate data can be generated to provide a better decision framework for designers.
Finally, no matter how much science we know, no matter how many infiltration tests we conduct, if care isn’t taking during construction, none of it matters. We discuss best practices to reduce compaction, the importance of organic matter, and planning construction with infiltration in mind.
Students will complete three hours of online classroom study through our Soil Hub learning modules. These modules can be completed all at once or the student can stop and start at their own pace with the option to save their progress and return later to complete each lesson.

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